Research for Audience Engagement-Towards an European Framework

24-25 September 2015 in Uppsala (Sweden)

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Theatron Research for Audience EngagementArts organisations that want to build their audiences need to get to know their audiences. Consequently, any strategy that embraces audience development has to be grounded in empirical knowledge about its audience, their community and the nature of their relationship to the organisation.  Once an organisation understands the patterns of audience interests, desires and behaviour, it can identify opportunities for development – both in terms of artistic production and operational viability.

  1. The first part of the workshop will present audience research activities both within the Theatron Network and in its ‘sister network’ Be SpectACTive!. Based on the experiences gained to date, we will jointly look at those elements and generalisable that could contribute to a ‘European Framework’ of audience research. 
  2. The second part will focus on how performing arts organisations can combine research with experience design in order to create value with and for their communities. Lisa Baxter from The Experience Business will lead participants in this hand-on workshop.
  3. A final panel discussion will compare the different approaches and discuss the challenges, preconditions and benefits of integrating knowledge and understanding about the audience into the artistic and organisational practice of theatre organisations.

Why Join Us?

By presenting experiences from various houses and projects, this workshop will give participants a unique overview of best practices and lessons learned when it comes audience research for performing arts organisations. The programme combines the presentation of audience research insights with hands-on training on how to apply these insights for better audience engagement. Participants will be able contribute their knowledge to the development of a European framework for audience development.

Who Should Attend?

The workshop targets artistic and managing directors interested in developing the audience development strategy of their houses, based on a clear understanding of their communities. Professionals working in audience development, communication and community outreach/ education will benefit from the exchange of best practice and the introduction of new concepts and tools for community engagement. 

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Programme Overview

24th of September

13.00-13.30 Meet at the theatre for coffee and a small snack.

13.30-14.00 Welcome to Uppsala theatre (Linus Tunström, CEO)

14.00-17.30 Part 1: Best practices and lessons learned in research for audience development (Achim Müller, Theatron; tbc, BeSpectACTive!)

18.00 Get-Together & Networking in the Theatre bar

19.00 Performance ”The heart of a dog”

21.30 Dinner

25th of September

09.00 Guided tour of the theatre

10.00 Part 2: Creating value with your communities – Workshop with Lisa Baxter

13.00 Lunch

14.00. Final Panel: Opportunities and Challenges of Audience Research (Moderated by Maria Freeney)

16.00 Drinks and ending of the workshop.

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Practical Information

The workshop will take place in Uppsala Theatre, located in the city center, right across the street from the railway station. (Kungsgatan 53)

How to get there

Arlanda airport is situated 30 minutes by train or bus from the theatre.


The following hotels that are within 5 minutes walking distance from the theatre:

To book one of the above please contact: Katja Sliwinski

There are plenty of other hotels close by as well such as:

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