Life Blood – Sneak Preview of the Romaeuropa Festival 2014

Life Blood - Romaeuropa Festival 2014From 24 September to 30 November 2014, Fondazione Romaeuropa will present the 29th ROMAEUROPA FESTIVAL under the title: LIFE BLOOD. The acclaimed international festival includes dance, theatre, contemporary circus, art, music and the 5th edition of DIGITAL LIFE. This years festival includes 52 shows and events for a total of 118 performances from 19 different countries, with 20 Italian premières and 5 world premières.

Transforming Rome for 2 Months

For two months, the festival will take be present in 15 spaces, transforming Rome into a big space for contemporary art creation. “The city, the international horizon, the value of contemporary artists’ work, the relationship with the audience have always been our reference points, and we once again start from them for this new adventure” Fabrizio Grifasi explained. “Since its origins,” President Veaute remarked, “the Foundation has believed in Europe, as its own name reveals, and this year in which Italy will hold the Presidency of European Semester, we dedicate the Festival to this idea that has come true, with all its merits and defects, an idea to be improved, even with the contribution of culture.”

Sneak Preview: Dance

  • Hofesh Shechter's Sun

    Hofesh Shechter’s Sun

    Torobaka by Akram Khan and Israel Galván will open the festival: two extremely different choreographic universes – that of khatak and that of flamenco- a confrontation on a new territory still to be invented.

  • Israeli born and Brighton based choreographer Hofesh Shechter reinterprets ancient traditions in a contemporary form, with a possessed choreography, Sun, that illuminates the dark sides of power.
  • The Quebecois choreographer, dancer, musician Frédérick Gravel, arrives for the first time in Italy with a pièce about seduction, Usually Beauty Fails.
  • A prominent figure of South African contemporary dance, Dada Masilo comes back to the Festival with an extremely original Carmen in which contemporary and African dance, classical ballet and the charm of flamenco mingle together.

Sneak Preview: Theatre

  • The body, rituality and Monteverdi’s music are feature characteristics of one of the most awaited debuts on the stage of Romaeuropa, Tandy, by the Spanish Angélica Liddell, an anarchic and elusive personality of European theatre.
  • Andrea Baracco reworks the most complex amongst Shakespearean plays with his Hamlet, with the complicity of Biancofango theatre company, Luca Brinchi and Roberta Zanardo of the Santasangre collective.
  • Anagoor is a work on the relationship between art, rhetoric and power through the pages of the Aeneid in Virgilio brucia.
  • Ricci/forte tackles our times head-on through a short-circuit ranging from theatre to the reality-show to the rhythm of hard rock; Darling is a glimpse on the present filtered by Aeschylus’ Oresteia and Edward Hopper’s distinctive contemporary melancholy.
  • The staging of Giorgio Barberio Corsetti revolves on a play never published or seen before in Italy, Gospodin by the young playwright Philipp Löhle, the story of a tragicomic anti-hero who rebels against capitalism:
  • rebels are also the zombies of Elvira Frosini and Daniele Timpano, authors, directors and performers of Zombitudine.
  • Sought-after by European theatres, acclaimed by the audience, Emma Dante comes back to the Festival with Operetta burlesca, the story of a homosexual boy animated by a volcanic passion and resigned to the oppressive immobility of the provinces in which he lives.
  • The remounted production of Ubu and the truth commission by William Kentridge and the Handspring Puppet Company marks the beginning of the collaboration between Romaeuropa and Teatro della Pergola in Florence; it is the first stage of a new artistic relationship that widens the borders of the Festival.

.. and much more

Hakanaï, by Adrien M and Claire B

Hakanaï, by Adrien M and Claire B

A wealth of concerts, recitals and classical performances are just as much part of the festival as club nights, singer-songwriter performances and ethnic music. Audiences can chose between contemporary circus, photographic and digital art exhibitions, workshops, talks and encounters with the artists. Produced by Fondazione Romaeuropa, Romaeuropa Festival 2014 is made possible by a large network of Italian and European partners, including Theatron.

For more information on the festival, please download the English Programme Overview HERE or visit the festival page of Romaeuropa at:

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