Engaging Youth: Republique putting on Hamlet workshops for Danish high schools

HamletWhen Theatron associate member Republique put on The Tiger Lillies Perform Hamlet in Copenhagen this spring, the theatre also held workshops for surrounding high schools. At the workshops, the students met director Martin Tulinius, Hamlet actor Caspar Phillipson, and staged different scenes together in the scenography.

Gitte Raarup, a teacher from the Ingrid Jespersens Gymnasieskole high school, says about working practically with stagings in the workshop: “When the students do not just read, analyze, and interpret, but get to take part in the process of creation, we believe that it helps develop the students. In this process they work into the core of the text and find out what it means to themselves. And they are taken out of their comfort zone and learn something about themselves.” 8 foto Rie Neuchs www.rieneuchs.dk.resized

Victoria Arlø, an 18 year old student, agrees: “We learned a lot from going deep into the text, trying to understand it and to rewrite it so only the most necessary was left. When you get to try to do a staging yourself, the text gets more tangible and you more easily understand the effects you can use.” Hamlet actor, Caspar Phillipson was surprised how much the students understood: “They really got how a text can be varied radically in different stagings”.10 foto Rie Neuchs www.rieneuchs.dk

“This workshop gives the students an artistic experience that many of them would have else never had,” sums up teacher Gitte Raarup.

4 foto Rie Neuchs www.rieneuchs.dkThe Hamlet workshop is just one of several workshops that Republique has arranged for high schools. The theatre has a strong focus on schools and an ongoing dialog with the teachers on developing projects that can make the young people understand and feel at home in the theatre.

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