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NeoarcticHotel Pro Forma is looking for partners for NEOARCTIC, a new collaboration between Hotel Pro Forma and Latvian Radio Choir, who previously have created War Sum Up (2011) and Operation : Orfeo (2007). They invite festivals or venues who are interested in co-producing and/or presenting the performance. This can include audience development activities before and after the main event.


NEOARCTIC is the result of a trans-disciplinary research and artistic collaboration between researchers, composers, musicians, writers, artists, designers, filmmakers and scientists.

It is an aesthetic, poetic, and alarming music performance on the Anthropocene. Hotel Pro Forma investigates and communicates a complicated, extensive and important issue – namely the effect of the actions of humanity on the environment and climate of the Earth. The project aims to create optimism and a desire to take positive actions.

Songs and Soundscapes

NEOARCTIC presents 12 scenes, passing through a landscape of sound and visuals in 12 performative songs.

Twelve outstanding singers are seen and heard on a large stage. Words are sung, whispered, shouted, spoken as rhythmic, repetitive, hammering soundscapes. Rythmic music merges with experimen- tal electronic music. Beautiful melodies appear and disappear. The stage is wrapped in white fabric, a canvas for light and colours, films and projections. A landscape in constant change. Costumes and props are a materialized part of the total composition. Light fills the space with tactile atmospheres and subtle shades of colour while the folded fabric creates sharp shadows.


As we know, the climate is changing, and the effect on our planet – and the Arctic area – is irreversible. With the NEOARCTIC project Hotel Pro Forma wishes to draw attention to the climatic, geological, political and aesthetic changes taking place in the Arctic – and the World as a whole. And we ask ourselves:

”Could we re-consider this as a possibility for development as opposed to loss and limitation?”

A new sense of amazement at the wonders of the earth is required, as the following quote from a Sustania symposium organized by the Danish news weekly ‘Ugebrevet Mandag Morgen’ in March 2015 clearly indicates: ”When the UN climate panel presents its new report today, the terrible consequences of climate change will once again be hammered out. But it is not our experience that this will entice businesses, politicians or citizens into changing their behaviour. Doomsday rhetorics and scenarios of extinction are more likely to make us apathetic and disillusioned.”

 How will NEOARCTIC work?

The focus lies not only on the changes and problems connected to the Anthropocene.Hotel Pro Forma will be trying to ’bend’ the direction of the audience’s gaze by offering those who are critical of, as well as those who are interested in climate issues, a host of new perspectives. In order to create insight and interest for the climate cause,Hotel Pro Forma will tell stories and create opportunities for participation in activities BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the main event; the NEOARCTIC performance:


Talks or debates on specific questions regarding climate challenges. Local scientists and other experts are invited to participate; e.g.:

• Reducing food waste
• How can cultural institutions act “responsibly”?
• What discourses would it take for us to re-consider the Anthropocene as a possibility for development as opposed to loss and limitation?


Hotel Pro Forma’s works are visual music performances. Universal themes such as Evolution and World Cultures – and in this case the Anthropocene – are investigated. The audience is presented with these themes and subjects in new contexts, and experimental technology in audio-visuals, light and sound is developed for each work, so that the subject matter is seen, heard and experienced anew.


After the performance periods, interested participants can take part in role playing games, in which they can convert new knowledge and experiences into concrete actions.

By offering the participants a connected sequence of activities, in which A) they can obtain knowledge, B) find inspiration during the performance, and C) find inspiration for specific actions by taking part in roleplaying events (and / or other artistically founded activities), we offer our contribution to a sustainable future.

Download the detailed description here


Peter Jentzsch • Manager
Hotel Pro Forma • T: +45 28 11 88 41



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