Bürgerbühne – Borgerscenen – Citizen’s Stage: A Theatron Success Story

If there’s one topic that all Theatron members are fascinated with, it’s the idea of the ‘Bürgerbühne’ – a citizen theatre that is run just as a professional in-house production company. Rather than just allowing ‘amateurs to play theatre’, the ‘Bürgerbühne’ creates a real and equal relationship between the theatre and its community.

Learning from Dresden

BuergerbuhneWhile many of our members run successful amateur clubs and community groups, Theatron was impressed with the way the Staatsschauspiel Dresden had created a very own ‘stage’ for its citizens – the Bürgerbühne (citizen stage).

In the last three seasons, about 1200 Dresden citizens of all ages agreed to become part of the Bürgerbühne ‘company’ and commit for an entire season to work with a professional director, attend rehearsals and perform within the repertory programme of the theatre. This new approach to community engagement has become nationally recognised. Theatron is now taking it to the international level.

Theatron Study Visit

In January 2012, the Staatsschauspiel invited Theatron members to Dresden for a day of discussions, exchanges and exploring. Here are some impressions from this visit.

Theatron Adaptations – Learning from each other

Inspired by the Dresden experience, several Theatron members have used the network to start establish their own ‘citizen stage’ (see related posts below).

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