Borgerscenen @ Aalborg Teater

Due to the inspiration of Dresden’s ‘Bürgerbühne’, Aalborg has used its Theatron membership to create  one of Denmark’s first citizen theater – the ‘Borgerscenen’, which will open its doors in autumn 2013.

Staatsschauspiel Dresden, DE (concept); Aalborg Teater, DK (adaptation)
Giving citizens their theatre scene
Allborg Teater believes that the theatre belongs to all – to the entire community. It warmly invites the citizens if North Jutland to become part of their theatre – to create their own scene, the Borgerscenen. The performances of the Borgerscenen will be produced with the same artistic standards as those on the main stage – with the only difference that the people on stage will be citizens, rather than actors.


The Aalborg Borgerscenen will open their doors in autumn 2013. The theatre is already casting for its first pieces:

92020: Portrait of a Town

9220-borgerscenen-aalborg-teaterAalborg East; it was built as a haven for people to live happy and free of troubles. Now, most of Aalborg’s citizens would rather not go there – unless you ask those who already live here – who actually love it. After all, Aalborg East features the largest number of police officers, most scooters and most skin tones per capita. Here, you can find the strongest food and the sweetest cakes. Now we’ll show the others that Aalborg East is not the world’s smallest, but also its coolest ghetto. More info in Danish

The REAL Romeo and Julia

borgerscenen-nyhedThe tragedy of Romeo and Juliet’s young love has been called the greatest love story that ever told. Unfortunately, the two did not last a week before they took poison and died. But what if they had survived, had married and shared a life? What stories would they have been able to tell then? In ‘The REAL Romeo and Juliet’,  we examine real love in the face of fiction with the help of citizens who live or have lived with their partner for over 40 years. Citizens who want to go on stage and tell their story about a love that for better or worse has lasted most of their lives. More info in Danish

Original Concept

Bürgerbühne Dresden

Buergerbuehne Dresden

Director: Miriam Tscholl • Dramaturgy & Production Management: David Benjamin Brückel • Theatre & School / Pedagogy: Bettina Seiler, Christiane Lehmann

During the last three seasons, about 1200 Dresden citizens of all ages have participated in the citizen’s theatre at the Staatsschauspiel Dresden. This fully recognised part of the artistic programme of the theatre has become nationally a recognised best practice model for engaging audiences and integrating the theatre in its community. Up to 5 production each season are created by a professional artistic team with the input of citizen actors. These are fully integrated in the theatre programme and played in repertory throughout the season.

More about Dresden’s Bürgerbühne (in German)


About the Bürgerbühne


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