2nd Audience Development Workshop

The 2nd Theatron Workshop on Marketing, Research for Audience Engagement will bring together the experiences and ideas gathered in the 1st year and launch the next phase of collaboration for audience engagement.

Audience Development 2: Towards a Joint Research & Communication Framework

Aalborg,  24-25 September 2013 • Register here by 15 September


One year after the first workshop on Audience Development: Marketing & Research, this meeting will launch the second phase of Theatron’s audience development activities. We will jointly explore how to best use marketing and research for active audience development within the Theatron houses and throughout the project.

Based on the best practice in the Theatron houses, this workshop will:

  1. take the first steps towards creating Theatron media station(s)
  2. introduce the Theatron audience engagement profiles for all houses
  3. launch the audience research methodology and toolkit
  4. discuss other joint interests such as ambassadors projects, mobile apps for Theatres and CRM systems.

1) Theatron Media Station(s) – Take Charge of Your Media Output

Along with other experts from Have Communications, Christian Have will introduce the concept of the modern media station – of how to put all the digitial and social media tools to use in order to take charge of your own communication. Focus areas will be:

  • The basic structure of the media station – connecting the various platforms
  • The resources required to run it successfully
  • The necessary restructuring of communications departments should be restructured
  • How to supplement the overall communications effort
  • How to be a platform for substantial debate
  • How to be inclusive – both in terms of partners, audiences and the media

Examples and cases will be introduced, and the conceptual foundation for a Theatron media station will be laid. Input will be welcome from everyone present, especially concerning how to ensure the highest impact of the media station in various local contexts.

2) Theatron Audience Engagement Profiles – Comparing Visions, Strategies and Structures

We will present the partner profile, on the one hand in a broad overview and on the other focussing on clusters of theatres that from the analysis of input share the same strategic approaches or challenges.

3) Theatron Audience Research Toolkit – Using Research for Audience Engagement Strategy

Based on the finalised partner marketing and communication profiles, Achim Müller from FU Berlin will present the Theatron audience research methodology and toolkit. This will show how a common framework can be used to interpret the results from different houses in a way that leads to new audience engagement.

Workshop Case Studies

A number of case studies from the houses is to be presented and discussed. Material and ideas will be requested to be included in the case studies.

Audience Development – Research

  • Audience Research @ Hellerau: Representative audience research
  • Participation @ Bürgerbühne Dresden: qualitative research on the impact of participation on the individual and its social network. (To be published in book on the Bürgerbühne-phenomenon)

Audience Development – Communication

  • Radio Lab @ Gennevilliers
  • Media Probe @ Aalborg: qualitative research on patterns of media usage and decision-making for culture and leisure activities.


24.09. Visual Storytelling @ Theatron

13:00 – 14:00   Lunch

14:00 – 17:00   Visual Storytelling and Media Platform
                             prepared by Christian Have, support from Aalborg Teater

  • Best practice – video from different Theatres
  • Identification of critical factors regarding content in storytelling
  • Presentation of possible alliances and partners in relation to the production and distribution of video

17:00 – 17:15    Information about “The Spanish Fly”

17:15 – 18:00   Tour in the theatre

18:00 – 19:15   Dinner

19:30 – 22:00   Performance “The Spanish Fly”

About The Spanish Fly

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 16.29.41

A “spanish fly” can be at least four things: 1. a small, green beetle living in the Mediterranean under the name of Lytta vesicatoria; 2. a classic aphrodisiac made from powder of the same beetle, causing an immediate, long lasting but extremely painful erection (this aphrodisiac is no longer used); 3. a hilarious farce by Arnold and Bach written in 1913; and 4. a mysterious, spanishly dancing woman in that same farce, who has either a) 25 years ago secretly given birth to a son or b) blackmailed at least two men for alimony for 25 years by claiming, they were respectively the true parent of that son. Somewhat confused? Don’t be. Sit back and enjoy a farce flying faster and further than any fly from any country. More

25.09. Audience Research @ Theatron

IKM/ FU Berlin by Achim Müller

9:15 – 10:45      Audience Research, Partner Profile: Structure, Analysis and Stylised Facts

11:00 – 12:15    Introduction of the Theatron Audience Research Toolkit

  • General framework
  • Instruments
  • Pilot applications
  • Agreement on implementation

12:15 – 13:00     General Theatron Research Fields

  • People’s theatre
  • Non-visitor research
  • Habit-building
  • Identification of additional research directions

13:00 – 14:00 Lunch & Next Steps


Practical Information

The workshop will be hosted by Aalborg Theatre, Jernbanegade 11 Aalborg, 9000 Denmark

Aalborg Theatre recommends for Theatron members to book a room at the Hotel Phønix with whom Aalborg Teater have a very favorable price DKK 550 (single room). The booking code necessary to receive this rate will be sent to all those registered.

You can fly to Copenhagen and then take the train to Aalborg. Alternatively, there are several ways to come direct to Aalborg by plane, here is a list:

  • Alicante – Norwegian
  • Amsterdam – KLM
  • Barcelona – Vueling
  • Færøerne – Atlantic Airways
  • Gran Canaria – Norwegian
  • Istanbul – Turkish Airways
  • København – Norwegian / SAS
  • London – Norwegian
  • Malaga – Norwegian
  • Mallorca – Norwegian
  • Oslo – Norwegian, British Airways, Air Norway
  • Stavanger – DAT
  • Stockholm – SAS


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