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theatron-eyeThe Greek name for theatre – theatron – stems from theasthai‘to regard’ or ‘to look’theatron highlights the importance of a creative dialogue between performers and audiences. It encompasses the entire creative process from programming via artistic creation, performance, outreach and communication. It is this original understanding of theatre that we want to foster and promote.


In order to achieve this, Theatron promotes between its members:

1) artistic collaborations (touring, adaptations, co-productions, residencies, etc)
2) audience engagement activities (audience research, CRM, marketing & new media, education etc.) and a
3) activities that promote the long-term establishment of this collaboration & its outputs (publications, conferences, curricula).


1) Creative Community Engagement through Artistic Collaborations

dimension1The Theatron Network aims to  explore & develop innovative forms of production that actively engage theatre professionals, theatre audiences and theatre communities in the creative process, and lead to highly relevant, collaborative and artistically excellent performances in order to:

  • bring new and old communities into the theatres,
  • bring the theatres into the communities and
  • jointly discover new loci of interaction – both physical and virtual

Live performances are not just happening on stage, the audience members with their reactions, moods and rituals are a central part of the experience. The Theatron members agree that there is no good production without an audience. In this project, we want to explore the many ways in which this relationship can used in the production process to inspire both artists and spectators. Read more

2)  Audience Development through Audience Engagement

dimension2Theatron aims to explore new, innovative solutions to audience development. Its members will explore new technologies, tools and methods in

  • audience research,
  • customer relationship management,
  • education & outreach,
  • communication & marketing

in ways that enable us to create lasting and meaningful relationships with our audiences. The overall objective is to collect existing practices, explore new tools and jointly develop a European framework for audience research and engagement. Read more

3) European Collaboration: Fostering Best Practice

dimension3We believe that the Theatron objectives are relevant to more than the founding members of the Theatron Network. We aim to actively engage other organisations & experts in this discussion,  ensure that the results are publicly available and that the next generation of ‚creatives’ can bank on this repository of knowledge. This includes:

  • workshops, conferences and events
  • publications & documentation
  • research & quality assurance

You will find information about our events, projects and publications on this website. We also invite interested stakeholders to join our activities or the Theatron network as observer or full member. Read more


In order to achieve these objectives, Theatron promotes a number of joint activities amongst its members:

theatron activities

Networking, Communication & Dissemination

• exchange and coordination of marketing activities
• documentation of Theatron activities, achievements and data
• the publication of book, reports and fact sheets
• contributions to conferences
• Theatron TV documentation.

→ Theatron Networking & Communication activities

Artistic Co-Creations and Coproductions

• co-creation workshops
• touring of exemplary artistic work
• adaptations of exemplary artistic works
• co-productions
• development of outreach and engagement activiteis
• support for curricula on ‘Artistic co-creation in Theatres’

→ Theatron Co-Productions and Artistic Co-Creations

Audience Research and Engagement

• development of a common methodology,
• joint audience research for audience development
• publication of results and recommendation

→ Theatron Audience Research and Community Engagement Activities

Education and Training

• artistic residencies and study visits between partner organisations
• mentoring and online exchanges
• joint workshops on research, marketing, communication, outreach and audience development
• participation in & organisation of international conferences
• support for curricula development

→ Theatron Education and Training Events

Theatron is receives funding through the EU Culture 2007-2013 Programme.

Find out more about the latest activities in our news and events section.


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